I survived, but we’re never free.

I sat down, on the floor of a hotel room, whispering: “If you can make it through the night, then tomorrow will bring good things. I believe in you.” That’s how I survived the night I was sexually and physically assaulted.

So let’s get the hard part over with and talk about what happen (names used are not their REAL names):

It was during work retreat. My boss (lets call him ‘Grant’) and I were leaving the party. Grant’s boss (Mark) offered to drive us back to the hotel. Grant and I sat in the back of Mark’s car. Grant was drunk, and I spent half of the day trying to make sure he didn’t look like more of a fool. Grant had index cards in his had. He begin to tear them up and toss them out the window. I asked for the cards and Grant gave them to me. Then, Grant laid down and put his head in my lap. And then, it happen.

Defining Assault:

  1. a :  a threat or attempt to inflict offensive physical contact or bodily harm on a person (as by lifting a fist in a threatening manner) that puts the person in immediate danger of or in apprehension of such harm or contact — compare battery 1bb :  rape 2 – via Merriam-Webster

And when I returned, I started a new job. I’ve been there for about three months now. I don’t miss anything about that place except the friends I made along the way. Till this day, I can’t sleep some nights without waking up in a cold sweat. There’s the nightmares, the feeling of being followed, the feeling of being worthless. Hopelessness. Doubt. I trust no one. I spend many of weekends in my room, staring outside, wondering what the wind feels like. Crying. So many tears. Panic attacks. I hear voices and I know no one’s there. There’s no cure. No remedy. You learn how to live with the scars. Every day brings new life, and some days are good…and some you rather want to forget. But, all I have is me.


And since this day, my social media has never been the same. Instead of progression, I’ve loss my creativity. I know it’s still in me, but no one tells you how to deal (mentally) with being assaulted. It’s different for everyone.


I dress up and take selfies when I fear the outside.
I dress up and take selfies when I fear the outside.

I will live with the scars for the rest of my life. I will work, endlessly building my self assurance and regaining my confidence. I’ll struggle with the fear of allowing others in my personal space. I’ve paid a very steep price, and I’m sure Grant and that company sleep well at night. If our legal system and society wouldn’t chastise our victims so much, this situation may have turned out differently. But, I can’t think about it. I have a life to rebuild mentally and financially. There’s no stops along the way to have a mental breakdown and just take a vacation. At lest, not for me. These are my emotions and I’m allowed to feel this way. Not every day will be rainbows and unicorns, but, every day can be a blessing.

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Behind The 100 is here

When Give It 100 shutdown their site

We’re sad to announce that Giveit100.com will be shutting down on August 31st. We’re moving the Giveit100 movement to…

Posted by Give It 100 on Wednesday, July 29, 2015,

my thought was: “Where will you see my 10 second diary?” I’ve been holding on to the footage for a while and I have many videos that go over 10 seconds. Also, all of my photos and post for that day are lost in the world that is FaceBook.

I had the idea to turn my site into a diary of everything I did from the first 100 days of the give it 100 challenge a few months ago, and with work, health issues and drama keeping me busy, I just kept putting it off. But, it’s long overdue.

Behind The 100 (#BT100) is a collection of videos, pics and postings from my inspirational journey. Not only will it help me to keep everything in one place, this will be the “go-to” for all Q&A about my events during that time. My journey has more to do with weight loss, which I had a chance to share with Greatist in a recent interview.

I’m planning to divide the segment into several parts. Hopefully, I can squeeze everything into something that will make sense (I have a tendency to babble and steer away from my point). But, I will be sharing it all, and it will get ugly before it gets pretty. For, it was never all about weight loss, and many come to my site thinking they are going to get that. I’m not sorry.

Any challenge is all about pushing out of your comfort zone and that’s just what I did.

Love yourself, today, tomorrow and forever.


“If You Want A Burger, Eat A Burger.”

BurGR in Vegas
BurGR in Vegas

Don’t you love it when other people tell you how to or what to eat? I mean, isn’t just awesome? Hell no. I’m, for one, am tired of it. Because I happen to be fat (I know, shocker) EVERYONE has an opinion on what I should eat, how I should train, blah, blah, blah. Words, words, words.

Look, everyone’s learning process is different. Also, your history with food tells a story. Maybe you’re an emotional eater. Maybe you eat to many of one group and not enough of the others. KNOW how food has an effect on your mind & body before you make any decisions about ‘getting healthy’.

I always get questions on what I eat and how many calories, blah, blah, blah. Listen, my process is different from others. So, if you know what your goals are, this could affect the way you eat. This doesn’t mean eating less – DON’T DO IT! It means that you have to CHANGE YOU VIEWS ON WHAT YOU EAT.

You eating habits can make or break your future lifestyle. And I’m trying to use my words carefully here, so pay attention. I’m going to try to explain how I got to where I am now…but try to make a long story short.

In my 20s, all I did was eat fast food (take out), processed foods (frozen meals & the ‘snack isle’) and drink SODA. I spent the majority of my time riding around in a car from going to work, school and hanging out with friends. I stayed away from any activities that caused me to sweat. So, I know how I got here.

By my early 30s trying to make a change without any support was difficult. Also, I was going through some other dramatic situations. I would drink, drink and drink some more. I didn’t care. Finally, I had enough.

Learning from previous experience, I had to take a ‘small step’ approach by adding in the good and removing the bad one-by-one. Because I was making the decisions, it was easier to hold myself accountable and to follow a routine. No one making me feel bad for my choices, or holding it over my head because I didn’t listen when they told me what to do. I knew I didn’t want that. I just trained myself the way I would teach myself at work. I w as always given something either no one could master or no one wanted because it was too much drama/work. I focused in on the change; researched what works well with what my goals are. I looked for alternative for when I’m stressed and what my trigger foods are (crunchy, greasy, salty like fires or chips). Yes, it was hard work, but its work I’m committed to and want for my future. So, it’s pretty easy now. The issues that get in the way are just time and work. Sometimes, there’s not enough time in the day or work has me so busy…you know. But, I don’t give up on me. I don’t count me out and I don’t beat myself up. I do the best with what I have. I’m not bending over backwards to keep up with anyone. I’m fighting for my life – not the whole city. I do, because I WANT TO.

i hope that clears it up. I can’t tell you what you should do or how to, because everyone’s different. Besides, when I want a burger, I eat an effin’ burger. The only difference is, the burgers may be a little more classy.

All kidding aside. Going to some fast food place on the way home or to work used to be my staple. When I changed my eating habits, things like fast food, soda and processed meals left a horrible taste in my mouth. So, I just don’t eat them.  If I do stress out and run for the chips, I know I’m paying for it in the long run and I accept it. Tomorrow is another day.

Love Yourself Today, Tomorrow and Forever.

                                            – LaKeisha

if You Want A Burger, Eat A Burger” – Yung Poppy

No Matter What, You’re Ugly; Unless You’re Trending.

When I decided to make changes in 2014, one of them I kept to myself. ‘Going Natural’, my hair that is. Going natural has many negative remarks as the positives. Everyone has an opinion and it can feel overwhelming. But, whatever your ethnicity, if you want to go natural (grow out any chemical treatment in your hair or just cut off all the processed hair and start over), you should stay committed and fuck what the naysayers say. I said it. The good old “Number One Salute” to the haters.

Just like with weight loss, it seems everyone wants to give their two cents on what YOU should do about your own hair. I thought it was mine, but apparently not. There’s some that will tell you to YOUR face that ‘Natural Hair is not for everybody’. Yeah, the hair on YOUR head that you were born into this world with don’t like you. And, just like with weight loss, you start to feel like you’re losing the fight. At one point, when I started to go natural, some of my friends said they didn’t like the way my hair looked. Clearly they just want the ‘IN’ images around them – Bye! Have a nice flight outta my life.

For me, I’ve been tired of the chemical treatments since 2008. At the beginning, the only reason I kept it up was I couldn’t find anyone who went through the process. Then, I kept the chemical treatment because that was the only thing my ex-husband liked. Then, I kept in the weaves, and take it out to get it another weave. It’s exhausting. In 2012, I wanted to be done with it all. But, fear and listening to others just held me back. And this is what WE as humans do in all of our routines: We’re so scared to step out on our own that we follow the same program. WHY?

i HAD ENOUGH. i decided that I was going to be the only person who gets to decide how my hair should be. And why did it take me so long to make THAT decision? All my life, I did everything I could to please others when I should be pleasing myself FIRST.

i’m not to say that “Natural is the way to be”, I’m just saying that you should follow the beat of your OWN drum. Because when the “Trend” of “Going Natural” is over…I’ll still be here living the dream.

And, as you can see in this photo, clearly I’m doing something right & regardless of how you or anyone else sees me – I’m beautiful just the way I am.

Before & After "Going Natural"
Before & After “Going Natural”

“Love Yourself: Today, Tomorrow, Forever”

– LaKeisha

When We Stop Working Out And Start Getting Real

After the ‘video’ (January 2014), I was going to the gym at least 5 days a week, sometimes twice a day. I enjoyed it. Since I wasn’t working, it was a good way to pass the time. I’ve met a lot of new faces and kept my weight down but, I didn’t feel so complete. By May 2014, I was still out of work and have yet to find anything to do other than workout. Going to the gym was my release for all my stress. When you’re out of work for so long, you start thinking that everything is wrong with your resume, your name, the way you look – I can run down a list.

Then in June of 2014, I got a job. I was so relieved and excited. But, going to the gym began to feel like a second job. Many of us just simply stop working out because we can’t find the time. Once I added work into my schedule, when I finally got to the gym, I couldn’t wait to go home and sleep. I had no meal prep in place so I would skip meals. I was defiantly going down hill fast. Plus, I was still unhappy. Something had to go and by October of 2014, I stopped going to the gym.

This doesn’t mean I’ve stopped working out, I just stopped going to the gym. Also, my budget would not be able to hold on to the membership anymore. Social Media has become my trainer. I gather moves and inspiration from things I’ve researched or seen on different FaceBook, Instagram and Pinterest pages. Lets face it, not all of us can afford the gym or it’s impossible to make it to certain classes, but I can do 20 or 30 mins. at home. No problem.  With todays technology, we have the answers sitting right in front of us (for the most part) we just have to apply some actual work.

The gym did teach me some things:

  • Missing a day is not a big deal
  • Your results are based on your commitment
  • Everybody carries fat differently, so stop the blame game
  • We all have something that needs improvement
  • Time waits for no one

I don’t have a final destination in my journey; I’m just leaning how to do things I never believed I could do before.