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Posted by Give It 100 on Wednesday, July 29, 2015,

my thought was: “Where will you see my 10 second diary?” I’ve been holding on to the footage for a while and I have many videos that go over 10 seconds. Also, all of my photos and post for that day are lost in the world that is FaceBook.

I had the idea to turn my site into a diary of everything I did from the first 100 days of the give it 100 challenge a few months ago, and with work, health issues and drama keeping me busy, I just kept putting it off. But, it’s long overdue.

Behind The 100 (#BT100) is a collection of videos, pics and postings from my inspirational journey. Not only will it help me to keep everything in one place, this will be the “go-to” for all Q&A about my events during that time. My journey has more to do with weight loss, which I had a chance to share with Greatist in a recent interview.

I’m planning to divide the segment into several parts. Hopefully, I can squeeze everything into something that will make sense (I have a tendency to babble and steer away from my point). But, I will be sharing it all, and it will get ugly before it gets pretty. For, it was never all about weight loss, and many come to my site thinking they are going to get that. I’m not sorry.

Any challenge is all about pushing out of your comfort zone and that’s just what I did.

Love yourself, today, tomorrow and forever.