No Matter What, You’re Ugly; Unless You’re Trending.

When I decided to make changes in 2014, one of them I kept to myself. ‘Going Natural’, my hair that is. Going natural has many negative remarks as the positives. Everyone has an opinion and it can feel overwhelming. But, whatever your ethnicity, if you want to go natural (grow out any chemical treatment in your hair or just cut off all the processed hair and start over), you should stay committed and fuck what the naysayers say. I said it. The good old “Number One Salute” to the haters.

Just like with weight loss, it seems everyone wants to give their two cents on what YOU should do about your own hair. I thought it was mine, but apparently not. There’s some that will tell you to YOUR face that ‘Natural Hair is not for everybody’. Yeah, the hair on YOUR head that you were born into this world with don’t like you. And, just like with weight loss, you start to feel like you’re losing the fight. At one point, when I started to go natural, some of my friends said they didn’t like the way my hair looked. Clearly they just want the ‘IN’ images around them – Bye! Have a nice flight outta my life.

For me, I’ve been tired of the chemical treatments since 2008. At the beginning, the only reason I kept it up was I couldn’t find anyone who went through the process. Then, I kept the chemical treatment because that was the only thing my ex-husband liked. Then, I kept in the weaves, and take it out to get it another weave. It’s exhausting. In 2012, I wanted to be done with it all. But, fear and listening to others just held me back. And this is what WE as humans do in all of our routines: We’re so scared to step out on our own that we follow the same program. WHY?

i HAD ENOUGH. i decided that I was going to be the only person who gets to decide how my hair should be. And why did it take me so long to make THAT decision? All my life, I did everything I could to please others when I should be pleasing myself FIRST.

i’m not to say that “Natural is the way to be”, I’m just saying that you should follow the beat of your OWN drum. Because when the “Trend” of “Going Natural” is over…I’ll still be here living the dream.

And, as you can see in this photo, clearly I’m doing something right & regardless of how you or anyone else sees me – I’m beautiful just the way I am.

Before & After "Going Natural"
Before & After “Going Natural”

“Love Yourself: Today, Tomorrow, Forever”

– LaKeisha

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  1. Be strong I’ve been thru the steps of going natural & kicking the creamy crack. I had friends,family co-workers convincing me it was mistake. I’m at peace w/my natural curl pattern & my hair is pass my shoulders. #staystrong #naturalhairbeauty

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